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We are trained and accredited users of Saville ability and personality assessments which can be utilised as part of a recruitment assignment or separately on a consultancy basis for coaching purposes.

Executive Search utilising Psychometric Testing

Executive Search utilising Psychometric Testing:

Used as part of a structured Search process, Saville assessments allow you to improve selection decisions; identify the drivers for success and make better hiring decisions by identifying motives (what an individual enjoys doing), talents (what they are good at doing) and culture fit (where they will thrive). Please see our Executive Search information under Services for further details. 

Psychometric-centred Coaching

Psychometric-centred Coaching:

Good leadership often starts with good self awareness, PcC can be highly effective in improving self awareness, allowing you to identify strengths and weaknesses and addressing ‘blind spots’ that can have an adverse affect on your job role and/or overall career. Furthermore, it can reveal powerful insights that may not come from discussion alone. 

Coaching is completely bespoke, therefore please get in touch to discuss in further detail.

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